Stain-, discoloration-, and weather damage-proof, porcelain pavers are nothing less than an outdoor space design revolution

by Taylor Amatuzzo

We live in an era when natural ingredients and products are promoted and the contrary are, well, critiqued. We assume that mother nature knows best and that humankind should stop messing with the real and organic aspects of… damn-near everything. In many instances this thought process makes sense and proves itself beneficial in a multitude of ways. In the outdoor paver arena, however, there is a different argument to be made.

Oftentimes, the finer materials in life are more delicate…soft leathers tear easily, hardwood floors get scratched up, satin clothing pulls. This is the same with natural outdoor stoneware, pavers, and stamped concrete, as they beautifully cover outdoor space, yet pose a issue with regard to staining, discoloration, and weather damage due to their naturally delicate nature and porous surfaces. (A red wine stain on a natural paver or stone slab can be detrimental, as porous natural stone soaks up the liquid, embedding it into its surface.) Natural aging, uneven sun exposure, and chemicals like chlorine can cause the natural stone to discolor over time, and not always evenly—resulting in an unbalanced color space.

Put simply, natural stone looks great, but is a lot to worry about, especially in our very unpredictable environs.

Now for the good news…the introduction of porcelain pavers. Frost-proof, stain resistant, and guaranteed not to discolor, these super-durable outdoor surface options are simply ideal for the Northeast, as they’re completely unaffected by freezing temperatures and will remain intact and maintain quality even through the toughest winters. (Historically, natural woods and marbles could not be used in our temperature zone for an outdoor floor application, but with these new pavers, buyers can obtain the look of wood or marble with no worries about durability.) In short, the new pavers come free of the headaches and worries of natural options, and offer limitless design and style options, as they’re not limited by the colors and textures of natural stone.

Perfect for any outdoor area, from patios and balconies to gardens and backyards, they allow you to personalize any environment, from residential to public settings, and have the additional benefits of being non-slip and abrasion and fire resistant. Lighter in weight than stone or concrete, they can be used in places where those simply cannot.

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