For master stylist Rosie Leone, Salon Ma Vie is the culmination of years of work delivering service and good feelings to clients, students, and the staffs she has assembled.

Located in Dongan Hills, Salon Ma Vie’s mission is to provide an experience that “leaves clients feeling as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside,” the owner explained its crystal chandeliers, leather couches, exposed brick walls, and high shine wood floors conveying a sensation of purposeful serenity.

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Services here include micro blading, Eliminink tattoo removal, semi-permanent makeup, micro needling, and hydro facials, as well as instruction on several areas of expertise and providing free treatments to a select number of cancer patients.

For the last 25 years, Leone has been in the beauty industry, while raising her four daughters. In 2009, she added Xtreme Lashes and Volumation to her resume while working with celebrities, stylists, and reality stars. In 2016, she became a Certified Advanced Master Trainer/Therapist in Elleebana EliminInk, and Definition Brows/Micro blading.

“While studying, I was burying myself in work,” explained Leone. “I work best under pressure. I was learning the newest techniques that were out there. The owner of the facility fell in love with me and said ‘Why don’t you think about becoming a trainer?’ I liked working with the students.”
Beyond that, Leone found that she enjoyed assisting women, particularly helping them with their careers. “I simply fell in love with empowering women,” she said. “So many are single mothers trying to get out of a financial hole. Going through a divorce myself, it’s really an emotional thing.”

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Since it opened two years ago, Salon Ma Vie is something of a well-kept secret on the Island, but as word has gotten out, its owner sees room to expand.

“I’ve worked in every area in the industry,” she noted. “I have worked in nails, hair, makeup, lashes. I like to be on top of what’s new micro blading, micro needling, and I also have my own makeup line. Now clients are saying that they wish they could get a blowout, so we’re adding hair to our services…so it will be a full service salon.”

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Leone has also created a program for cancer survivors called A Wish for A Warrior, wherein she offers beauty services for people going through chemotherapy.

“I’m simply finding happiness in giving people happiness,” she explained, adding that she plans to expand services for cancer patients to include paramedical tattooing, skin camouflaging for clients with Vitiligo, breast areola reconstruction tattooing for those who have had mastectomies, and hair follicle replication for those experiencing hair loss. Leone has been recognized by the Staten Island Advance for her work with patients, and will be lauded by the Order of Sons of Italy in America this April for her efforts.

The beauty entrepreneur is quick to point out, however, that she doesn’t do all this for the recognition, but because it makes her feel good. “Giving back is beautiful,” she said with a smile. “It’s that simple.

Salon Ma Vie
13 Four Corners Road / 718.980.2211