From lavish, skin-correcting facials to glamorous latte inspired makeup, the most gilded of hues is dominating this autumn’s beauty trends

by Luda Conti Owner, Avanti Day Resort


“Latte” makeup might have been the TikTok sensation of the summer, but the Hailey Bieber approved trend has serious staying power even as the nights grow cooler. Latte makeup focuses exclusively on brown and nude shades, from bisque to deep mocha, applied to the lids, lips, and cheeks. It’s a universally flattering color palette across skin tones, and it’s easy to build upon to heighten the drama as you move from day to night. Lean into the look by selecting products with extra glow: bronze-tinted moisturizers, glistening eye shadows, and creamy mocha-tinted lips. Experts recommend staying away from red or orange undertones, and instead opting for olive or caramel.


Full, dramatic lips have been experiencing a heyday post pandemic, and they are once again reigning the runways this fall. There are myriad ways to nail the look sans filler that’s where lip contouring comes into play. Lip contouring is simply the use of light and dark shading to enhance the fullness of the lips. Start by exfoliating the mouth to shed any dry or excess skin (tip: if you don’t own a lip exfoliant, you can make a quick DIY blend by mixing sugar with a few drops of honey). Follow with a hydrating primer and a thin coat of concealer. Next, grab your favorite buildable cream bronzer (preferably two to three shades darker than your skin) and apply it via a small brush around the perimeter of the lips. Gently blend the edges and follow with a lip liner and color.

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Whether you sunbathed in the Italian Riviera, splashed in the cobalt waters of the Caribbean, or fashioned sand castles with your family at the Shore, the memories of summer will stay with you as we transition into fall but that doesn’t mean they should live on your face. The 24K gold facial is not only decadent and luxurious, it’s a stellar antidote for any lingering sun damage accrued over summer’s excursions. During the facial, delicate gold foils are applied to the skin, circulating the flow of oxygen to shed toxins and brighten up the skin, gifting you a fresh, even toned complexion. The foils also stimulate cellular turnover to soften fine lines and wrinkles and boost the skin’s elasticity.

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