Glide into warmer weather with this season’s hottest hair trends, including a killer calligraphy cut!

by Luda Conti

Spring is shaping up to be the season of the hair pin, from crystal clad bobbys to chunky clips. And the trend often calls for wearing multiples at once, so be generous. Mix and match, or stack them down the hairline.

Lelet NY Vee Glossy Barrette
These glossy shark tooth barrettes are immensely stackable. Jazz up a ponytail by bundling five down one side of the head. $148,

Put a Pin in It-Lelet NY Vee Glossy Barrette

Lelet NY Gram Initial Bobby Pin
With these custom typography bobby pins, crafted of brass and stainless steel, your style will really send a message. So, spell out a name, initials, or make a literary statement. $80,

Put a Pin in It-Lelet NyGram Initial Bobby Pin

Jennifer Behr Gia Swarovski Crystal Bobby Pins
Bring on the glam with these delicate pieces, comprised of plated brass and featuring Swarovski crystal ends. $125,

Gardian Spread

Put a Pin in It-Jennifer Behr Gia Swarovski Crystal Bobby Pins

For hair that’s fine, flat, or otherwise needs a boost of volume, one precision technique holds the key, the calligraphy cut, offered at only a limited number of salons in the U.S.

A Stroke of a Pen
It all began with a flower. German born master hairstylist Frank Brormann was trimming a bouquet of fresh flowers to put in a vase when inspiration struck. By cutting the stems at an angle, he noticed that the surface area not only increased by three times, but the flowers remained fresher longer. He wondered if the same principle could be applied to hair. More than 20 years later, his precision calligraphy pen a sharp, angle edged blade is still providing hair flexibility and volume unheard of beforehand. The tool is held like a paintbrush, using pulsing strokes toward the tips of the hair and cutting at a 21 degree angle. Just like a flower, the hair’s surface area swells, increasing at the tips by 270 percent, and since the cut surface is smooth, splits ends don’t stand a chance. Hair is textured, voluminous, and, most importantly, stronger.

Avanti Day Resort, 345 U.S. 9, Manalapan Township,

Soft, dreamy shades of pastel are a staple of spring, just as vital to the season as tulips blooming and the first whiffs of smoke from a barbecue. When spring collections debuted on the runways of New York, it was clear that these hues would be showing up on more than just apparel (a key indicator of that was Marc Jacobs colorist Josh Wood dying models’ hair in shades of peach, baby blue, light lilac, and pale pink). From rose colored curls to faded plum highlights, hints of pastel give hair an aesthetic that’s both playful and sophisticated. The muted shades act like a veil over the head a look subtle enough to bring to both office and cocktail hour.

Pastel Power_1