Business trips are tough to pack for. If extending beyond a single day, they often require pre event/meet and greet informal wear, a standard suit, and perhaps even pool or beach ready attire. And you don’t want to be burdened by two suitcases.

So, a few suggestions and observations from and old fashion hand:

Review your agenda and the types of occasions you will be attending.

Select pieces that coordinate. Color palette is vital. Neutral hues such as grey, navy, taupe, and brown are recommended. Find out if the hotel has laundry service? If so this is an additional way to minimize what you need to bring.

Do not check luggage unless necessary. This can be avoided by having a good carry on bag and sturdy garment bag. In the latter, you should be able to fit two jackets and three pairs of trousers on one wide shoulder hanger. Use dry cleaner’s plastic around garments for additional protection and to minimize wrinkles.

When it comes to a carry on, remember to go heavy on the bottom. First pack shoes and sneakers. Utilize the space inside shoes for belts, and roll socks and ties to fill out the space around them. Then even out the back with undergarments; next add knitwear and shirts (always folded).
Check the weather forecast and make sure one of your jackets is season appropriate.

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Lastly, unpack as soon as you arrive at the hotel room, as much as you want to make a beeline for the bar. Hang your garments and allow the wrinkles to fall out.

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