After sojourns from Vegas to Chicago to Cancun, Tony Azardon is finally walking through the doors of Ha ven, the Golden Nugget’s premiere nightclub

Style Multi-genre—electronica, funk, house, hip-hop
Born and bred Chicago
Studio production with Nikki Kay, Juicy Music, Blackhole Recordings /Magik Muzik, Sirius Satellite Radio
Beginnings Started at 16. Between the years 2000 and 2004 attended the annual “Winter Music Conference,” entering the famous “DJ-SPINOFF Competition,” winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
New Projects Residencies in Vegas at XS, Encore Beachclub, Surrender, Wet Republic, and Playhouse in LA, plus a partnership with Red Bull North America that helps expand a new audience in extreme sports and events
Among needs for DJ gig
• 3 Pioneer CDJ-2000 MK2 Model (CD Turntables)
• 1 Pioneer DJM-900 Audio Mixer
• 2 Monitors
• 6 bottles of spring water
• 1 bottle of high-end vodka

Among DJs who have chucked vinyl (and let’s face it, that’s nearly all of them now), this Pioneer multiplayer is a rugged industry standard. It’s compatible with just about every digital music form known, analyzes beats per minute and waveform data for seamless mixing, and uses its patented Beatgrid system to ensure cue points and loops are perfectly and easily set. $1,999 pioneerelectronics.com