Carafes in crystal and glass, botanical pick me ups for endless serenity, and a sneak peek into an interior designer’s sophisticated workspace, indulge in a wealth of big ideas to spruce up your sanctuary


A luxurious home office that not only spurs productivity and creativity but also reflects the personality of the owner may seem like a herculean task. But Charlie Hesse, founder and owner of Saltwater House and Charlie Hesse Interiors, leads by example, showing us how to curate a swoon worthy office that excels in both form and function. Her office is sumptuous in quality with a keen attention to detail, from the organic accents to the custom built cabinetry. Said Hesse, “When it came to designing my office, I wanted to create a space that was a reflection of my personal style and where I would love to come to work every day. I love designing with a neutral color palette and incorporating a lot of texture, and when put all together, it became the serene workspace I was looking for. Grass cloth wallpaper, hand sewn wood bead wall decor, rattan wrapped armchairs even my desk is embossed with faux to give the slightest touch of texture. Other aspects that were important to the design were functionality inviting and timeless. It was important to make the space feel elevated yet easy to work in. As much as it is a reflection of my personal style, I wanted all of my clients to get excited to start their design journey with me. And most importantly, I never wanted the room to go out of style.”

Whether you’re a seasoned wine snob or just someone who simply enjoys setting the scene for refined dinner parties, there’s no denying the space altering prowess of wine carafes. Aiding the aeration of aged wines, from mature reds to crisp whites, a carafe can, depending on its shape, curb oxidation and reveal the liquid’s aromatic purity. In an array of crystals and aesthetics, our curated list of designer carafes proves that there’s one for every connoisseur.

George Jensen Wine and Bar Carafe
A showstopper for your home bar featuring a modern silhouette, this glass carafe is ideal for younger wines and comes with a sculptural silicone and stainless steel stopper. $139,

Piegon and Poodle Faro Cylinder Carafe
An eclectic design in blown glass featuring a visually interesting tortoise shell pattern on vibrant amber, this Insta worthy carafe comes with a built in tumbler. $210,

Hand & Stone SPREAD

William Yeoward Rachel Wine Carafe
Combining the heritage of Irish and English craftsmanship, this coveted crystal carafe flaunts olive cuts and holds up to 54 ounces of your vintage wines. $415,

Combining a deep respect for the natural world with a holistic approach to decorating living spaces, Kennedy and Vine, a bespoke boutique for all things botanical in Atlantic Highlands, inspires plant aficionados to shop for the greenery of their dreams. Armed with an in depth knowledge of botanicals, owner Jennifer Spina stocks over 800 varieties of plants, from snake plants to succulents, plus charming little trinkets that seamlessly integrate the indoors with the out. Macramé hanging pots, luxurious soy candles, and a contemporary display of wabi sabi elements provide the Zen and inviting vibe in the store. Spina’s especially jazzed for fall, a time that calls for warmth and coziness indoors, such as “a scented candle, a cup of something hot like coffee or hot cocoa in our signature K&V plant mugs, and a room filled with plants,” she suggested. “Plants are known to clean the air we breathe,” she said, encouraging the green lifestyle. “They’re therapeutic and help to create an artistically pleasing environment.”


Monstera Deliciosa
Native to Central America cheekily dubbed the Swiss cheese plant for its natural leaf holes this bold statement plant is perfect for indoor living. It likes to dry out between watering and will flourish in almost any light condition. $45.99

Burgundy Rubber Tree
Resplendent with rich, dark colors ideal for fall, the burgundy rubber tree is the easiest type of ficus plant to grow indoors; simply water every other week. $35.99

Ame and Body Soy Candle
From a crisp blend of green florals and fresh fi g to cactus flowers and healing crystals, an array of locally curated, hand poured artisanal candles will amplify the positive energy in your space. $14.99