gina’s guide to not over-thinking the future

by Jennifer Vikse Photo by MARIA DEMARTINO


Gina Gio

Age: 20
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 120 lbs
Measurements: 34-24-32
Dress Size: 2
Shoe Size: 9
Hair: reddish blonde
Eyes: light brown

How did you get started modeling?
I started doing shoots with local photographers, and just fell in love with it.

Tell us about some gigs you’ve done.
I just finished a few days for Fashion Week walking for multiple designers. I’ve probably done 20-plus fashion shows. It’s great experience, but I’m ready to move to my next goal…print, so thank you!

Does your background influence your look?
I’m Italian but don’t necessarily look it. I don’t mind keeping people guessing.

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Where’s home?
I’m still living with my parents while I finish school. I’m from Howell, NJ, but I’m obsessed with California and am saving up to make a move there. So, I’m modeling when I can and am in school full time…aiming towards becoming a veterinarian, unless I win the lotto first! Besides that lotto win, what else do you hope for your future? I try not to over-think the future. Life changes so much from day to day that I like to go with the flow. The best anyone can hope for is health, a successful career, and family and friends who love and support you.

A few of your favorite things…?
Oh, all animals, spending all my money on makeup, clothing, and of course, my favorite pork roll egg and cheese sandwich!

How would you describe your look in three words?
Unique. All-American. Glam. That’s four words…sorry.

And your personality in three words?
Fun. Outgoing. Caring.