by BRENDAN FITZGIBBONS • photo by Neal Preston

There is simply no other band that embodies the glamour and perils associated with the rock and roll lifestyle like Fleetwood Mac.

Over more than 45 years, the legendary group has peppered the airwaves with mystical hit tunes like “Landslide,” “Go Your Own Way,” “Don’t Stop,” and “Silver Springs,” while causing a stir in tabloid headlines for their tempestuous interpersonal dynamics.

The London-started rock group has proved, however, that time heals all wounds, and a reunited and energized quartet is scheduled to treat Jersey concertgoers to a historic performance on Jan. 24 at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

The band began their revitalization with the announcement of a better than 60-date North American tour. “On with the Show” performances include tri-state area stops in New York City, Uniondale, and Atlantic City.

A pivotal element to Fleetwood Mac’s reunion was the news that after a 16-year absence, keyboardist and long-standing member Christine McVie would be rejoining the group for the tour. The rockers, of course, are no strangers to personnel changes, as Fleetwood Mac has cycled through an astonishing 16 members, yet still managed to sell over 100 million albums.

The Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame members’ origin story is as rocky as its personal dynamics. In 1967, Drummer Mick Fleetwood, guitarist Peter Green, bassist John McVie and later wife Christine formed the initial roots of the group. It wasn’t until singer/song writing couple Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined the band on New Year’s Eve of 1974 that the group vaulted into rock legend, however. The band’s successful self-titled 1975 album was followed by the 1977 smash-hit record Rumours, which has sold 45 million copies worldwide and is currently the sixth highest selling album ever released.

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In the twenty years that followed, the group released three records, Tusk, Mirage and Tango in the Night, all to substantial commercial and critical acclaim, but this period was also marred by breakups, divorces, substance abuse problems and solo careers. It wasn’t until 1997 that the group fully reunited, in part to promote the best-selling concert album The Dance.

There were other partially intact tours in both 2009 in 2013, but McVie’s return is recognized by Mac members and the broader public as one of reasons why the 2014 reunion has been particularly successful thus far.

The “On with the Show” tour has featured solid two-and a-half hour performances (in the 22-24 song range), splashed with a heavy dose of the band’s greatest hits. The high-ticket demand for the tour led the group to announcing a second leg of North American shows.

This October, the group performed a mini concert on the Today show and Mick Fleetwood released a tell-all book about the band’s…colorful and accomplished past entitled, Play On: Now, Then and Fleetwood Mac.

Fleetwood Mac is already done assembling most of the work for its first album of new material with the original quintet since 1987. The record is scheduled to be released early next year.

Fleetwood Mac at Boardwalk Hall
Saturday January 24 at 8:00 p.m.
2301 Boardwalk, Atlantic City
609.348.7000 / boardwalkhall.com