Ilaria Urbinati is the mastermind behind our favorite red carpet moments. Ilaria was born in Rome, Italy under the stars of Virgo. She then moved to Paris and lived there for most of her childhood. Her family then moved to Los Angeles, California and she started working at her aunt’s men’s clothing store. This store was the first west coast store to carry high fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Comme des Garçons, and Stella McCartney. When customers would come in, Ilaria would help style them and people liked her taste in clothing. She then became the buyer for the store and traveled the whole world in search of the best clothing.IMG_0176

Ilaria was doing so well she opened her own boutique in 2008 but was forced to close shop in 2013 because of the high demand for her styling skills. She started on a strong foot with big-name celebrities such as Chris Evans. Many people are confused about what exactly a stylist does but, stylists search for the right outfit taking the client’s taste and inspirations into account. If there is a style they want but, hasn’t already been created, they can take the ideas and bring them to a tailor or label to be custom designed. But, stylists also have to keep in mind the trends of the time which takes a ton of researching 2 years in advance!


Ilaria was named a “Top 25 Stylist” in The Hollywood Reporter for a couple years in a row now. Ilaria proudly shows her title on the red carpet because she has many A-list clients who rely on her. Some of her clients include Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, Casey Affleck, Armie Hammer, Rami Malek, Donald Glover, Nina Dobrev, and Shailene Woodley. My favorite looks here are on Nina and, Rami.


Ilaria also collaborates with many designers for a line in her name. For example, she has worked with Eddie Bauer, Rebecca Minkoff, Montblanc, New Balance and Albert Hammond Jr. Everything she helps create is sort of pricey but, it’s worth it because of the quality. For example, this Montblanc bag is $1500 but, Ben Affleck has it so why not buy one.IMG_0139


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