In an age of high-tech beauty tools and cutting-edge therapies, the classics remain an integral part of any comprehensive wellness routine. Indulge in these time-tested practices to gift your mind, body, and soul a fresh start this spring

by Luda Conti Owner, Avanti Day Resort


In the 1800s, a group of Polish salt miners noticed frequent exposure to salt particles improved their respiratory health and skin, sparking the concept of halotherapy, or salt therapy, for beauty, wellness, and holistic health. Today, people no longer need to descend several feet below ground to enjoy salt’s rockstar eff ects. Himalayan Salt Rooms are soothing sanctuaries that mimic the salt mine microclimate and bathe occupants in hypo-allergenic, micron-sized salt particles. Breathing in the dry salt is believed to foster wellness by eradicating toxins from the respiratory system, boosting the skin’s hydration, kickstarting the immune system, and alleviating stress. It’s a wonderful remedy for people battling eczema or rosacea. For an even more immersive experience, opt for a couple’s or single’s massage or yoga session in the salt room (available at Avanti).

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Meditation in the modern era isn’t a novel concept; even novices have probably heard a regular breathing practice can reduce stress, manage anxiety, tackle insomnia, and boost creativity, productivity,
and even your overall mood. But there are numerous other science-backed reasons to slow things down for even fi ve minutes each day, including giving your skin a noticeable glow up. Studies show that one single month of daily 10-minute meditations can improve the skin’s barrier, leave a plumping eff ect, and even clear breakouts or rosacea. The science works by cutting down on cortisol spikes (the stress hormone), which produces oil that clogs the skin and causes breakouts and wrinkles. The practice can also improve sleep quality, another staple of a youthful complexion, as your skin repairs itself as you dream.


With origins that date back to 1500 BC, cupping therapy was employed by ancient Egyptians for a wide range of ailments, forever immortalized on hieroglyphics as a treatment for fever, pain, vertigo, and more. Millennia later, it’s still widely used by several cultures worldwide, from China to Europe, to spur the body’s natural healing process. Think of the practice as a deep tissue massage, only backwards. Glass cups are placed all over the body, from back and shoulders to stomach and legs, drawing skin into the domes to improve blood fl ow, foster lymphatic drainage, and even reduce pain and muscle tightness. The process takes about 5-15 minutes, and be prepared for purple circles once the cups are removed. The body then gets to work healing itself, and the eff ects can typically be felt immediately.

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