Wear your heart on your sleeve with Love buttons! The buttons were popularized by Chris Martin, lead vocalist of the band Coldplay. These cute little buttons are not only a trendy accessory but, the profits made go to various organizations that help spread love to others. The company’s website states their mission. It reads: “We want to remind people that their love is powerful. In a world where so many are struggling, the problems can seem unsolvable. When we reach out to others in a loving way, it dissolves the fears that keep us from seeing what we have in common. When we see ourselves in others, we naturally work together for the common good. Each time you reach out to someone in love, the Love Button you give them is a reminder of how easy it is to heal a little piece of the world right where you are. Together we are powerful; we are love.” 


If this statement doesn’t melt your heart then we don’t know what will! To read more about the movement click here. Donate today by purchasing button packs using the link below.

Via: www.lovebutton.org/shop/page/1/