Makeup is certainly as old as Ancient Egypt, and in all likelihood dates to thousands of years prior. Virtually every community or civilization ever documented has altered skin color, texture, and/or scent—whether for pure aesthetics or for religious ceremonies. Berries have been used to darken lips, ashes of burnt matches used to darken eyes—but experimentation has also taken some dangerous turns, including Egyptian men and women wearing makeup made of lead ore, copper even arsenic-laced mixes.

Max Factor was the first company to bring makeup to a truly broad U.S. population in the 1940s. Originally a provider of made-to-order wigs, Polish beautician Maksymilian Faktorowicz, who’d emigrated to the U.S. in 1904—saw a market for pigments and other theatrical makeup in the young but growing movie industry. He’d perfected his first cosmetic product by 1914 (silent film actress Clara Bow was an early admirer) and soon other stars were eager to use his “flexible greasepaint.” Innovation continued from there—with increasingly skin- and more recently animal-friendly ingredients marking progression, along with application techniques.

In my experience, you can take a person who is pretty and make them look next level gorgeous with today’s pallet of colors and applications, of course, but they would be of relatively little use without a team of talented makeup artists like ours—one that applies all of the latest trends to produce simply astounding results.

And people no longer come in just for the occasional wedding or big event.

Makeup sessions have become frequent events for many clients—akin to weekly blowouts. In fact, makeup and lash services have become so popular that we had to build an exclusive studio to accommodate the demand.

And sure, we can help take your look to a new level, but we also give you tips and tricks so you can apply items yourself until you see us next time.

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Things don’t end with makeup, either; lashes have taken a whole new direction.

Today we are offering “volume lashes,” extensions that deliver a super-full look and in a variety of shapes. Feel like yours are droopy and pin-straight? Then our Lash Lift is perfect. We can also permanently curl lashes and color them at the same time for that always-on look. (Imagine no mascara or curling tool to deal with in the morning!)

Here’s to looking beautiful.

Peace, love, and light

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