Advanced Artificial Intelligence Has Officially Entered The At Home Wine Cellar Experience, And It’s Offering Collectors A Cutting Edge (And Stunning) Way To Display Precious Vino

By Amanda McCoy

There’s something romantic about a rustic, dark wooded wine cellar and dust on a vintage label, but this vanguard cellar design replete with a real robotic arm and AI sommelier is beckoning collectors everywhere to bring their bottles out of the basement and put them on full display. WineCab is a custom crafted storage case that houses wine in a temperature and humidity controlled environment and employs a six axis robotic arm to store and retrieve the bottles. Users can load bottles one at a time or via a 24 bottle drawer, and when it’s time to drink, a personal AI sommelier is accessible via the iPad Pro and ready to grab your go to California cab or special occasion Bordeaux. Highly secure facial recognition software and a customizable app ensure tip top security.

WineCab Wine Cellar $139,900+,