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by Archana Aithal Rose

Whether you’re angling for the next Miss Universe title, auditioning for a primetime sitcom, or just hoping to dazzle your partner of decades over date night, a 100-watt smile is one of the landmarks of a winning look. Dr. Anthony Vocaturo has given countless celebrities, pageant winners, and lesser mortals that enviable well-aligned set of pearly whites everyone dreams of. Armed with credentials from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the American Society of Dental Aesthetics, he’s chalked out an illustrious career in restorative dentistry at the NJ Smile Center.

New to his repertoire is an exciting project, a prestigious learning institute where Dr. Vocaturo is not only the founding director, but also teaches live patient and clinical courses. Said Vocaturo of his new venture, “We have a roster of top certified dentists and speakers from all over the country providing not just advanced dental education but also a collaborative learning environment with a focus on hands-on training. Our courses are tailored to dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and administrative staff making it an extensive program.” The pandemic may have temporarily postponed the center’s construction but with plans to start schedules as early as next month, the institute is now ready to hit the ground running.

For 25 years, Dr. Peter Ferraro has integrated chiropractic care with a mix of specialties, rehabilitating famous NFL players and patients across several different lifestyles and professions. Constantly searching for the most cutting-edge advancements to o er his patients, the doctor recently announced an exciting new partnership with Physi max. He said, “This breakthrough technology uses an AI powered musculoskeletal assessment and optimization platform to give our patients and athletes the best opportunity to understand how their deficiencies put them at risk for injury. The digital platform allows us to use our phone camera to instantly recognize objective data for mobility, stability, strength, and movement-based scores. These metrics are compared to multiple evidence based injury risk database thresholds. We are excited to o er the same technology currently being used by our National Military, Kansas City Chiefs, Utah Jazz, Princeton, and Clemson, to name a few, at our offices in Bergen, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties.”

potion number 9
In a now infamous moment in cinematic history, Meryl Streep watches the reflection of her 60– something derriere perk up as she swallows a magic beauty potion in the cult classic Death Becomes Her (1992). Streep’s yearning was shared by women across the globe, wishing this wasn’t merely cinematic liberty and could someday be a reality. Circa 2021, and a new FDA-approved injectable called QWO might just be the closest we’ve come to this Hollywood potion. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Lombardi offers some insight into the new trending treatment at his renowned practice, Lombardi Plastic Surgery Center in Eatontown, noting, “There’s a terrific new cellulite treatment called QWO. It’s very effective and really reduces dimpling on the buttocks dramatically. It’s an in-office procedure that can be done in minutes.” In the past, cellulite treatments have been more invasive, but not anymore. And bonus: this minimally invasive treatment requires significantly less recovery time, so you can be flaunting that beach body in a hot minute no magical potion required.