Breakthrough beauty and mobility treatments, and all are available locally

By Archana Aithal Rose

Aggressive, but without the fuss of traditional facials, Hydra Facial treatment a patented process developed by the Hydra Facial Company not only resurfaces skin to provide cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction, it also bathes newly revealed skin with serums, antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. It can be combined with enhancement treatments like CTGF (a “Vortex Booster” that minimized the appearance of fi ne lines and wrinkles); Britenol (a skin nourishing pigmentation and age spot reducer); and LED light therapy that kills acne and stimulates collagen and lymphatic drainage. Classic Hydra Facial run $150, and a series (typically one every four to six weeks) is recommended in order to see optimum results. Jánnha MediSpa, 950 Rt. 35 South, 2nd Floor, Middletown,


Movement is life, and Dr. Peter Ferraro, founder and owner of Ferraro Spine and Rehabilitation, prides himself and his practice on a number of innovations that make pain free motion possible, perhaps most pivotally a patented method utilizing a intervertebral decompression device (IDD).“IDD is a lot more effective in treating herniated and degenerative discs than traditional physiotherapy methods,” Ferraro explained. “Within the first few sessions, I’ve had patients noticing substantial changes. An 86% success rate, in fact. It’s important to note, too, that the treatment is often accompanied by others, like acupuncture and chiropractic care.”
Including NFL players and other personalities of note, Ferraro’s patients range from high school kids to people in their 80s. 230 Midland Avenue, Saddle Brook,

The U.S. is the most valuable beauty and personal care market in the world, according to, generating approximately $84 billion dollars in revenue for its makers and retailers. Every day, the beauty industry is coming up with unique products that allow us to restore, nourish, and above all, enhance the details we so zealously nitpick. Here are three to add to your beauty arsenal to bravely face the future.

Hi Mirror Plus
A state of the art smart LED lit mirror that not just reflects the now, but also potential skin issues, and also lets you try on make up virtually, using different light settings such as Sunset View, Restaurant…even Supermarket. It features enhanced wireless connectivity, too. $279,

Hi Mirror

Shorecrest Spread

Foreo UFO
This smart mask delivers a spa worthy facial in just 90 seconds. Featuring hyper infusion technology and LED therapy, it pairs beautifully with Foreo’s UFO activated formulas. $279,


Natura Bisse Diamond Life Infusion
Take it from the company that put the first virtual reality headset into the facial game this diamond infused serum promises to increase skin density as well as deliver an immediate lifting effect by regulating skin age “biomarkers.” $610,

natura bisse