Chiara Ferragni is a fashion blogger and designer. She was born in Cremona, Lombardia, Italy on May 7, 1987. She is also known as “the blonde salad” which is the name of her blog.       


As you could imagine, Chiara lives a fashionable lifestyle. She is constantly being sponsored by top brand fashion designers to wear their clothing and accessories on her blog posts. But, before her rise to fame she was discovered in Milan by a fashion model company when she was sixteen years old. She then realized her dreams and quit that job by starting to post pictures online and eventually creating her gorgeous blog. She is quoted for stating on her blog, “At the age of 16 I’ve been chosen by Beatrice Models agency in Milan and I worked with them for some years. I stopped because I found other inspirations, other goals to reach in my life.” This is interesting because she wrote this in English, just like all of the other posts she makes on her blog, despite her being italian.          

84E819AE-1C04-42EE-B174-E17920D781D4In 2010 she debuted her shoe collection. Most of the shoes are very glittery and bold. She then moved on to other clothes such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases and accessories. Her business that she created, including the blog, brought her about 10 million dollars last year alone. People are so interested in her rise to success that even Harvard had studied her business tactics and invited her to speak to the students in the last year.                


The blonde salad started in 2009. Its is called “The Blonde Salad” because it was a “salad” of her, including everything from travel to videos to her passions and, of course, her outfits. On every post she tags her posts with #theblondesaladneverstops and #theblondesaladgoesto with the location following that. She also tags posts when she is in America, #americandays. Her blog is so popular that she even wrote a book about her rise to fame and fashion views.  

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Chiara is constantly traveling. She even has a tattoo on her inner wrist of a map showing her love for travel. She has twenty seven other tattoos that express her passion for life. Being Italian she is passionate about everything. Her business is one of the things she is most passionate about. Even though the Italian economy isn’t fantastic, their fashion economy is still booming because of Milan. In the italian culture there is a proverb that states. “I panni sporchi si lavano in famiglia” this means all the dirty clothes are washed within the family and you only show your best outfit in public. This is why italians have an obsession with nice clothes.


Chiara gets many sponsorships because of her exceptional marketing skills directed at her 5.7 million instagram followers, her blog subscribers and all of her other social media followings. She has a great career because she wears fabulous clothes and gets paid to do so. She had been featured on many magazines including the popular fashion magazine called grazie in Italy. She was also the first fashion blogger to be featured on an American magazine named “Lucky”. She is also loved for her gorgeous hair. Chiara has more recently become the Pantene global ambassador and part of a new Swarovski campaign.


Chiara has a huge influence in the American fashion world. She is a major influence in the fashion world even though many people have not heard of her. She sets the basic rules for fashion blogging because she was one of the first to do so. She is an influence to many because of her style and business tactics. She is making money doing what she loves and enjoys her life by traveling the world.