New borough based treatment centers for dental & vision care and overall wellness boosting

by Jessica Jones Gorman

Island Eye Surgery Specialists, a two location center offering treatments such as cataract surgery, laser vision correction surgery, eye surgery for glaucoma, and addressing diabetic eye disease and dry eye syndrome, has made what it termed a “groundbreaking” piece of new equipment available. Through an exclusive partnership with Northwell Health/Staten Island University Hospital, it has acquired the Optiwave Refractive Analysis System (ORA), an apparatus that allows for real time measurement of the eye during cataract surgery. It checks the refraction after the new lens is implanted, and is especially helpful for patients who desire premium lenses post surgery, have high astigmatisms, and/or who have had previous refractive surgery.
Working with the Executive Director Dr. Brahim Ardolic at Northwell SIUH, Michael Nejat M.D., FAAO, and David Gerstenfeld M.D., FACS, of IESS, played vital roles in bringing the cutting edge machine to the community.

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It’s often said that eyes are the window to the soul, and that a smile is a window to the heart. Valerie Venterina, BS, MA, DDS, EMBA, has over 30 years in practice and has assembled a team of dental professionals in several fields offering the latest advancements in care. She let us in on a few of her most popular procedures.


COSMETIC CROWNS: The most recent advancement in this field is Zirconia crowns, their material combining the strength of metal with the aesthetic appeal of porcelain. Zirconia is also more easily matched to the color of existing teeth, and since it is extremely strong, placement requires less tooth preparation than with other materials.

IMPLANTS: As we age, teeth are lost to trauma, decay, and periodontal disease. Permanent replacement is dentistry’s way to bring a mouth back to full function. With implants, patients are able to eat and digest food effectively a process not always possible with removable teeth.
SOFT TISSUE MANAGEMENT: The majority of adult tooth loss today is due to periodontal disease typically bacterial infection of the gums that causes loss of bone support, leading to tooth loss. Periodontal disease also contributes to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, elevated A1C levels, and other health problems, so gum care is critical. STMP is a nonsurgical program utilizing laser treatment, anti microbial solutions, and antibiotics that effectively disinfects gum tissue and kills bacteria. It’s part of Dr. Venterina’s Soft Tissue Program, and has been “an extremely effective component in periodontal disease treatment,” she said.

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LASER ASSISTED NEW ATTACHMENT PROCEDURE: LANAP is another recently debuted and minimally invasive method of treating gum disease one that utilizes a PerioLase laser to gently remove harmful bacteria and diseased tissue from gum pockets. An additional alternative to conventional periodontal surgery, it helps dental care providers tailor treatment to fit each patient, and has even been shown to promote bone regeneration in some cases.

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Suffering from jet lag, migranes, nursing a hangover, or just slacking on mineral and vitamin intake? IV Hydration Drips might offer a solution. The therapy, now offered at NVY, which recently opened on the South Shore, is a method of feeding restorative substances directly into the bloodstream, providing detoxification of the liver, a strengthened immune system, stress relief, and increased energy levels. NVY offers a range of other services, too, including weight loss techniques, skin care, sexual wellness therapies, aesthetic injections and stem cell injections, waxing, and hormone replacement therapy. All are administered by group of expert aestheticians and medical professionals. 236 Richmond Valley Rd., 718.713.8918