Alexis Ba rbara-Isaias’s guiding principle has long been “Follow your dreams and do what you love most, no matter what.” It is this brand of self assurance—plus visionary style—that propels her ready-towear line

by Sarah dE Brun

The most effective way to dive into the mind of a designer is to scan their blog. Scanning Alexis’ World (shopalexis.com/alexis-world), an addictively scrumptious mood board, I get the feeling Alexis Barbara-Isaias is holding my hand through the formulation of each collection. A spread of inspirational cutout collages, color coded images, and sprinkles of family photos is an endless treat for your fashion brain to nibble on.

“We put a lot of effort into our blog. It’s a direct insight to what trends we’re following and a public reflection of all the things that inspire me. I think today’s world is so fast paced that it’s hard not to find a little inspiration everyday,” said the designer.

Founded in 2008, ALEXIS is a brand dedicated to empowering a woman’s style choices. “We design staple pieces that women are willing to make a commitment to—strong, elegant, and timeless styles that will always be a staple in your wardrobe.” Isaias explained.

A generous portion of each collection incorporates Italian and French lace into feminine, not overly sexy, silhouettes. The pieces are on point trend-wise, with cropped blouses and high waist skirt combos, elegant jumpsuits, and chic, streamlined shapes, but there’s a timeless feel and quality attached to each that leaves them versatile and classic.

Isaias, an avid travel who pulls influence from each city she ventures to, applies her love of vintage to each creation.

“My mother, who is a strong part of our design team, has always had an incredible collection of vintage pieces she’s compiled throughout her life,” she said.


When you get down to the design process, Isaias dotes on an organic course that takes into consideration real life vs. fashion evolution, and she finds immense gratification in the journey.

“It’s actually quite interesting to see how a collection can evolve from swatches of fabric and conceptual ideas,” she observed. “It’s what makes this job so gratifying.”

Free of formal training, Isaias describes her talent as instinctive, and hands immediate credit to her mom as a major influence in terms of knowledge, skill, and drive.

“My family is undoubtedly the most important thing in my life. We are all so close that my home will always be wherever they are”—which is evident when you peek through ALEXIS’ Facebook page and blog. Let it be said, too, that her daughters also have a game-changing wardrobe that may leave you green with envy. You can see how Isaias’ fashion fingerprint is left upon their closet (or maybe it’s theirs that influences hers).

Next up, for Holiday 2014, ALEXIS is taking a cool, modern approach.

“The collection blends minimalism and feminism but stays true to our luxurious aesthetic,” she said. “We focused on upgraded prints and stronger silhouettes.”

In the line, black and white solids, lustrous fabrics, and an evening dress here and there elevate everyday attire to make one feel indelibly pretty.

Because, at the end of the day, what’s more powerful than the confidence of a woman?