Let’s explore three ostensibly simple yet vital questions.

What do you want your life’s story to say about you? So much of what we do on a day in, day out basis leads to one big takeaway that everything we do leaves a mark, good or bad. Legacies come in all shapes and sizes, and leaving a strong one doesn’t mean that you built the biggest monument or building; sometimes it’s the people who we assist or otherwise build up that go on to do beautiful things because of our influence. The key is positivity, not scale.

Will that legacy be one that effects future generations for the good? We have spent 21 years building A.F. Bennett Salon & Wellness Spa, and not once did I ever think of selling it.

Instead, I go to work every day with the thought of how I will build it…expand it so that it’s innovative and stronger with every year. The reason why I approach my business this way is because I expect it to be around for many years because I want to create a generational legacy.


I speak to many successful people who dwell in various economic realms, and they all say the same thing: Whatever you do, make it last. What are the worthy and lasting things to invest your time in? My list is family, friendships, your business, and organizations you feel passionately about. Will your lasting impact be one that starts while you are still on this earth?

Gardian Spread

Many people think that a legacy is something that happens after you are no longer on the scene, but I challenge readers to think differently. There are virtually infinite ways to make a difference and influence the world right now.

What’s pivotal is not just thinking about today and what can be attained from it, but considering how the things you do, say, and build affect others in the long term. What will all these things say about you in years to come. You get to make that choice. So, build that legacy!

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