Zoom All-Terrain Vehicle
There are approximately 337,000 people living in the U.S. with injuries or conditions that require a wheelchair, but their options for adventuring beyond city/town pavement have been miserable… until now. Zoom’s four wheel electric drive is powerful (12 miles per hour max, with a 15 to 20 mile range) but easy to master, with a suspension as at home on broken trails at it is while maneuvering steps (that’s right!). $13,400, livingspinal.com

Zoom All-Terrain Vehicle

JetPack Aviation JB11
The only jet pack ever set to be certified by the FAA, the JB11 publicly flew for the first time in Europe at last year’s Good wood Festival of Speed. Capable of 200 miles per hour and reaching heights of more than 10,000 feet, the 110 pound pack will keep a pilot aloft for 12 minutes. Scheduled for final tests this year, it could go on sale as early as spring of 2020. jetpackaviation.com

Jetpack Aviation JB112_1

Boosted Plus Electric Skateboard
You see either actual or grown kids on these all the time in the city, and here’s a big reason why. At 36 inches long, this board is build for speed yet maneuvers quite nicely, offers a range up to seven miles (and four ride modes to suit different capabilities), can tackle a 25% grade hill, and tops out at 22 miles per hour. $1,399, boostedboards.com

Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard

Cellini Spread

Sea Doo RXP X 260
We can count on the fingers of one hand watercraft that can hit 65 miles per hour yet cost under $20,000, and this two seater is one of ‘em. It’s built well, rest assured, with a central running pad dropped and lowered from the soft and rounded chines. There are also adjustable sponsons sporting 90 degree winglets for better turns. Length is 10.5 feet, with a maximum horsepower of 260. $14,889, sea doo.com

Sea-Doo RXP-X 260

Powerslide Next Edge SUV 150 Unisex Skates
Take it from an in line skating veteran; it’s not in expertise or careless operation that causes most falls, it’s that wheels on these things are typically too small. Large wheels absorb undulations better, and so our new favorites are these all terrain skates. Their exceptionally strong but comfortable boot and heat molded liner make for a perfect fit. Light, quick, and fun as hell. $379, inlinewarehouse.com

Powerslide Next Edge SUV 150 Unisex Skates

URAL CT Motorcycle & Sidebar
Redmond, WA based Ural Motorcycles was founded in 1941, tasked with building sidecar motorcycles for the military in WWII. After hostilities ended, civilian customers began falling in love with the design’s off road capabilities. The CT’s 749cc motor is more about torque than sheer speed, but cruises along happily at 65 to 75 miles per hour. With a four speed transmission (plus a reverse gear), a handy trunk, and sidecar windshield, power outlet, and tonneau cover. Starts at $14,999, imz-ural.com

URAL CT Motorcycle & Sidebar