Cool Sculpting, contouring massage treatments, and Foilyage enter the new age of tailor made beauty solutions

By Archana Aithal Rose

Up your glamour quotient this season with trending hair color techniques that combine the decade old Balayage and the more recent Foilyage to create envy worthy movement and gloss. Balayage, French for “sweep” or “to paint,” is a freehand hair coloring technique that produces a sun kissed, natural look, with softer, less noticeable regrowth. Foilyage, meanwhile, is a similar process, except each painted section of locks is wrapped in foil, amplifying the effect, creating highlights that become increasingly vibrant as they transition from the roots down the strands.

Jeta Klobucista, artistic director at Avanti Day Resort and Spa, explains that “marrying these similar yet different techniques in our own unique way leaves clients with a highly customized, fun, and brighter look that’s perfect for summer.”

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With Hollywood elites like Debra Messing publicly endorsing its fat freezing benefits, Cool Sculpting is the only FDA cleared, non surgical fat reduction treatment that utilizes controlled cooling to eliminate adipose tissue that resists diet and exercise. Discovered by Harvard University scientists Dieter Manstein, MD and R. Rox Anderson, MD, the idea that cold can target fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue was at once simple and remarkable. Treated fat cells are frozen, then die, and over time the body naturally eliminates them. “Consider this a non invasive alternative to liposuction,” explained Keri Rhine, a medical esthetician at Avanti Day Resort and Spa.


For readers stressing in front of the mirror over the thought of bikini season, may we offer a tip?


Enter Lypossage: a new non invasive massage, and an alternative to typical body contouring, aging, and detoxifying methodologies. Designed in part to assist in dimension reduction, this all natural body treatment tackles figure imbalances like stubborn bulges and cellulite.

For patients looking for additional holistic benefits to their massages, Avanti’s Tasha Masi suggests the Royal Thai Massage. Traditionally performed by Monks in Thailand, this is a combination of a natural herbal treatment (turmeric, lemon grass, kaffur leaves, patchouli, camphor, and others), heat therapy, massage, and aromatherapy, while Spa Director Dana Spano adds, “What’s also unique about all our massages is that they’re all done on our signature heated water table.”