At its core, cosmetic plastic surgery has always been rooted in helping patients look and feel their best. But as Dr. Anthony Lombardi, director of Lombardi Plastic Surgery Center, knows, wellness is a comprehensive journey that often extends beyond surgical procedures. This idea sparked the genesis of his latest concept, a collaboration with builder and self-proclaimed “health nut” Matt Esposito. Opening last November, Lips and IV’s by Dr. Lombardi offers facials, micro needling, injections, and IV therapies, continuing Dr. Lombardi’s tradition of excellence, one patient at a time.

Lips and IV’s was born from a not-sound likely friendship between doctor and developer. Esposito, owner of civil contracting firms Esposito Construction and Level 10 Development, is a lifetime fitness enthusiast, marathon runner, and former Division I wrestler, and found that he and Dr. Lombardi shared a passion for looking, feeling, and living better.

“Doc and I have been friends for a long time,” Esposito said. “I would always talk to him about new health ideas, IV drip mixtures, and vitamins. It fascinated me how well-rounded of a doctor and how knowledgeable he was. I pitched the idea of opening a place together, somewhere people could come to get healthy and be treated by a true physician.”

Dr. Lombardi views the Marlboro medspa as an extension of his existing practice, which includes the Plastic Surgery Center in Eatontown, an Aesthetic Lounge in Sea Girt, and Euphoria, a Barnegat medspa similar to Lips and IV’s. Demand has been so high at every location that when Esposito approached him about opening a new business, it seemed a logical way to offer his clients more convenience and opportunities to get the top-end treatments they want.


By training and hand-picking his injectors and practitioners, Dr. Lombardi has been able to ensure that no matter how much his practice grows, he’s able to continue the quality of care that has defined his work for over 20 years. The expansion of his practice beyond cosmetic surgery to encompass non-invasive procedures and spa treatments offered a way to continue to meet his clients’ needs, especially with the ever-growing interest in nonsurgical procedures.

“People come to me for cosmetic surgeries and cosmetic procedures, and they are very interested in anti-aging these days,” Dr. Lombardi said. “A lot of my patients are getting older now but want to maintain a youthful appearance, as we all do. Anti-aging is becoming a bigger and bigger conversation. With the new location we’re going to be able to offer more convenience to long-time patients while getting new first-time clients in the door.”

Dr. Lombardi’s Eatontown location is the busiest office in the state for injectables, so it’s no surprise that injectables are front-and-center at Lips and IV’s. The medspa offers toxin injections, fillers, and collagen boosters like Sculptra, as well as treatments targeting the chin, jawline, and neck. Also on offer is a menu of IV vitamin and nutrient therapies, plus classic spa treatments like facials, peels, and dermaplaning. Dr. Lombardi has built a reputation in the community for always staying ahead of the curve (he pioneered the now-ubiquitous mini facelift in New Jersey) and plans, along with Esposito, to keep Lips and IV’s abreast of the latest and greatest trends in wellness.

“We are currently looking into hyperbaric oxygen treatments,” Dr. Lombardi said. “And we’ll be offering peptides, hormone replacement therapy, and medical grade weight loss treatments. Both Matt and I want to stay young and healthy for years to come. We have kids ourselves. Our plan is to help you keep up with your kids until you’re well into your 70s.”

Success in medicine is a lot like success in business: you have to continue to learn, grow, and adapt, embracing new technology and shifting trends. While Dr. Lombardi helms the medical side of the operation, Esposito brings business acumen. He was able to build out Lips and IV’s quickly, despite the challenges that come with outfitting a medical space. He handles the insurance, stays abreast of the latest treatments, and always keeps an eye on potential expansion opportunities. (Marlboro may be home to the only Lips and IV’s location right now, but Esposito guarantees that won’t be the case for long.) By splitting the responsibilities of the business along the lines of their experience, Esposito and Dr. Lombardi have been able to get Lips and IV’s off to a successful start since launching last November.

“The process has been great,” Esposito said. “I not only respect Doc as a surgeon but he’s also one of my closest friends. We get along like brothers. I also respect his interior design skills. He’s got a real knack for architecture, and we had a lot of fun with the design and decorations.”

There’s no shortage of medspas in New Jersey, but few offer the pedigree of Dr. Lombardi. That, Esposito said, is the secret to their success.


Lips and IV’s by Dr. Lombari

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