Some of the hottest exterior design pieces and treatments

by Tia Kim

Pivot doors
Gaining application traction over the last few years, pivot doors offer a modern and unique aesthetic that demands attention. Unlike traditional hinged models, these rotate on a pivot box in the floor, for a sleek sweeping motion when swinging in or out.

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Advantages to the design include the fact that the floor (as opposed to the wall) supports all of the weight, which makes these more stable than conventional doors, particularly in windy weather. As they open wider, they also make it easier to move large items in and out (anyone who has wrestled a sectional sofa through an apartment entryway can attest). Lastly, a pivot door doesn’t open fully back into the room, so it saves space.

They are available in either single pivot or double pivot (two doors side by side) options.

Founded in 1903 by Hans Andersen, Bayport, Minnesota based Andersen Corporation is nothing less than nationally legendary. One of its most visually sweeping new door applications makes the distinction between indoors and out vanishingly thin. MultiGlide Doors’ sliding panels create walls of movable glass that present wide and unobstructed views. This gathering trend is completely customizable, and can be sized for openings up to 25 feet wide and 10 feet tall, with glass panels up to 60 inches wide. They are engineered for easy operation, and can be made to match both contemporary and traditional home designs.

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Shorecrest Spread

Likewise from Andersen and available in more than 50 exterior colors, numerous custom finishes, and 10 styling options, the E Series has become a go to for homeowners and designers. They feature a patented aluminum exterior that resists water and seals out the external environment, and also offer a brand of versatility in presentation that gives designers freedom in creating arrangements that feel custom built to a living space. The double hung model seen here has two operating sashes, allowing for ventilation through top, bottom or both. An excellent choice for rooms that face walkways, porches or decks.

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Brooklyn Window and Door

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