And just like that, fall is officially upon us. The blueberries and watermelons are done, the last of the corn and tomatoes have all been enjoyed, and we are awaiting autumn’s glorious bounty. Our culinary cravings change seasonally when we live a life in harmony with our environment. Eating farm to table or local, seasonally available produce is not only healthier and good for local economies, it’s also a great reminder to pause and take stock of your skin’s condition and revamp where needed.

Summer was all about the SPF. Despite being a loyalist, I’d be willing to bet you still have some dark spots and a bit of sun damage you may want to address. Perhaps summer left your skin a wee bit dehydrated, but don’t fret! It happens to the best of us. It’s time to refresh, renew, and revitalize your skin, and it can be done.

Your fall skincare regimen needs to bring back the dewy glow to your skin. What you need after a summer of fun in the sun is a healthy dose of antioxidants. Take a look at your “core four” cleanser, toner, serum, hydrator and check the ingredients list for any (or many) of the following antioxidants: vitamin C, retinol, vitamin E, resveratrol, coenzymeq10, niancimide, polyphenols, and flavonoids.

Antioxidants are designed to protect the skin cells from UV light, pollution, and other environmental elements that produce free radicals and cause skin to break down. With daily use, they can reduce sun spots, help combat visible signs of aging, and calm skin inflammation. Antioxidants hydrate the skin and increase moisture retention to help revitalize any dullness.

Make sure you have a “core four” collection that will clean, exfoliate, balance, and hydrate with the added boost of antioxidants. Pumpkin enzymes are fantastic exfoliators and can be found in popular gommage (meaning “to erase” in French) scrubs such as Enzyme Peeling Cream by Ultraluxe. Splendid Dirt Clay and Pumpkin Puree Mask is also fab, and Splendid Dirt Nutrient Mud Mask with Organic Pumpkin Puree is number one at getting those pores squeaky clean.
So, happy fall enjoy a pumpkin latte and a pumpkin peel!

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