For all the diversity of the borough’s booming real estate market Manhattan vistas, rooftop lounges, private balconies, et al. it remains a rarity to find a luxury high rise apartment offering unobstructed views of the ocean. Proximity to the beach hasn’t always been a priority for New Yorkers shopping for their next address, but with massive development projects in the works in the Coney Island/Brighton Beach enclaves (such as the sprawling retail, office, and residential hub Neptune/Sixth), many are hailing South Brooklyn’s beaches as the next great real estate frontier. The renewal of Shorecrest Towers, an iconic 23 story apartment complex along Ocean Parkway in Brighton Beach, is helping to spearhead that shift. Managed by Revona Properties (the same property management company behind Neptune/Sixth), the two building complex underwent a complete renovation beginning in January of 2016. Nearly every corner was reimagined, including the apartments, lobbies, fitness center, and shared living spaces.

“We were getting tenants interested in a higher quality of living,” explained Aaron Goldfried, Shorecrest Towers’ senior property manager. “So, we made changes to the building that would improve that quality. There’s simply nothing else like this in the area.”

The management team brought in the design talents of Andres Escobar the prominent large scale interior designer who fashioned the Four Seasons Hotel Montréal and the Aliz Hotel Times Square to transform the space. The surrounding neighborhood served as style inspiration, from the ocean waves of the buildings’ logo to a calming palette throughout. Easy, relaxing tones are splashed throughout the development to create a sense of serenity and escapism from the bustle of Ocean Parkway.


“It’s a busy area with a lot going on; it’s very work and sleep, work and sleep. We wanted to transform that,” said Goldfried.

Restoration required nearly three years to complete and reached five million dollars in cost. The towers’ 886 units, ranging from studios to three bedrooms, kept their spacious layouts but were outfitted with new and state of the art bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Old furnishings were replaced with stainless steel appliances, stone countertops, contemporary lighting fixtures, and sizeable closet spaces (often a unicorn in Big Apple living). Escobar utilized high end materials like limestone and other natural stone in the bathrooms and hardwood for the flooring. Select units are equipped with terraces, offering either panoramic views of the borough or the Atlantic.



The new lobby was conceptualized as not merely an entryway, but as an extension of the living space. Flanked by floor to ceiling windows, the entranceway offers multiple spaces for residents to enjoy a change of scenery to sit and relax or work in a quiet corner. On any given day, the lobbies and business centers are brimming with college students writing papers, friends breaking bread, and professionals plugging away at laptops.

“When you walk in, you feel like it’s an escape,” Gold fried said. “You’re walking off a busy street, and there is this beautiful lobby where it’s quiet and peaceful. You don’t hear any noise from the outside…and there’s all this extra space people can use. There are plenty of outlets and free Wi Fi. We put a lot of time into this space to make it as comfortable as possible.”


The Shorecrest team regularly hosts building soirées to get face time with the residents and offer a chance for neighbors to meet each other such as a community paint night and a breakfast to go event. Outside the lobby doors, it’s a short two block walk to the Coney Island Boardwalk, while the nearby Q train takes commuters into Manhattan in 45 minutes.

“You walk out the door, and in a block you’re at the train station, another and you’re at the beach,” added Goldfried.


“We are taking the profits and putting them back into the properties,” added Steven Klein, of Revona Properties. “In the city, living in a building that’s historically rent stabilized hasn’t always had the appeal of new construction. We want to show residents in rent stabilized buildings what having a good landlord and a proactive, thoughtful management company can do for them.” When asked how the changes have affected the resident experience, Mindy, a longtime tenant in the towers, detailed a radical uptick in comfort, amenities, and staff response, adding that, “The management team, particularly, is friendly and accommodating.”

“We want the residents to love where they live,” continued Goldfried. “We strive to provide the best service and conveniences, like an on site leasing office, parking spaces, and the crown jewel of living spaces. It’s a game changer for the area.”

The staff at the sites have noticed the residents’ positive response to the renovations. “Working at Shore crest Towers has been a wonderful experience; the residents here are like my second family,” offered Mark, who has worked as a handyman at the site for 17 years. “It’s great seeing them enjoy these updated spaces on such a regular basis.”


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